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Are you struggling with chronic illness, emotional upset, anxiety, depression, joint aches, reduced sporting performance, digestive discomfort, other ailments or are you just not feeling quite right?

Have you struggled to find healthcare professionals who can help? 

Your body is already telling you everything you need to know about what’s going on – but you need to know how to listen. As a systematic kinesiologist, I can investigate your body’s systems through muscle testing to identify the complex imbalances which lead to health issues. 

Imbalances cause so many detrimental effects in our lives, so why suffer for a moment longer? Get the support you need by choosing to work with me and together, let’s work towards a happier, healthier you. 

Structural imbalances

Our bodies are a network of joints, bones, tendons, muscles and ligaments that all work together to move us. When just one is out of balance, the system itself can be thrown off. Through muscle testing and kinesiological adjustment, I can help correct these structural challenges.


Many hormonal, thyroid-related and emotional issues can be caused by imbalances in the body’s endocrine system. I’ll help you identify the imbalances which can contribute to these issues and work to correct them.


Issues such as anxiety, depression, longstanding stress or trauma can be caused not only by what life throws at us but also by imbalances in any of the body's systems. I'll help you identify behaviours and other system causes and together with kinesiology balances and emotional techniques we can address those issues.


Food intolerances and conditions such as IBS are hard to understand and even harder to live with - but I’m here to help. Muscle testing can help identify food sensitivities, digestive and/or intestinal imbalances or dysfunction. Once identified, I can help rebalance those systems to help restore balance and help alleviate symptoms.

What is Systematic Kinesiology?

By understanding the way your muscles respond to gentle, non-invasive pressure. Systematic kinesiology can map out bodily imbalances which lead to many health and wellbeing issues. 

Once identified, my treatments take you on a comprehensive health journey involving lymphatic massage, structural correction, blood flow stimulation, nutritional guidance and emotional counselling. 

My previous career was as a head of department at a law firm, so I know first-hand how life-changing systematic kinesiology can be: being treated literally changed my life and lead me to a passion for helping improve my own and other people’s health! 

As an experienced systematic kinesiologist and accredited member of both The Academy of Systematic Kinesiology UK Network and the Kinesiology Association, I help people throughout the North East from my practice in Seaton Delaval. 

Our Services

Systematic Kinesiology

Light, non-invasive muscle function testing can reveal hidden stressors in your body. Our service involves identifying the biofeedback your body is trying to give you and then building a treatment plan to suit your needs.

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Kinetic Chain Release

This treatment is all about restoring balance to your body by mobilising joints and fixing alignments. Sessions will focus on your unique requirements and can help restore sports performance and help improve many other conditions.

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MOT Treatments

Sometimes, just like a car, we begin to feel “run down.” MOT treatments are all about checking in to get a snapshot of your current overall health and wellbeing.

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Foundation Course

Are you interested in learning more about kinesiology and using it to help family and friends improve their health and wellbeing or even become a practitioner yourself? Our foundation course can help you build the knowledge and skills required to help others. Start your journey today.

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What My Clients Say

Meet Zena

I’m Zena and I came to systematic kinesiology after discovering first-hand just how beneficial it could be. A long-term career in the busy world of law left me feeling burned out/out of sync, which I was able to fix through kinesiology. 

I love to help people, which meant I knew that this new discovery was something I wanted to do full time – so I left my role as a solicitor behind without a second glance. 

Now, I am fortunate enough to be able to actively help people through treatments as well as share my passion with others by teaching a Systematic Kinesiology Foundation Course.

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As an accredited tutor, I am pleased to offer my clients an accredited Systematic Kinesiology Foundation Course. All courses from the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology are created with expert insight and evidence-based practical techniques in mind. Start your journey today. 

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